Safety Policy

GBOCA's Safety Policy can be downloaded at GBOCA Health and SAFETY.

GBOCA Safety Guide


2. Safety is the responsibility of everyone… all the time!! Read your club's Safety code

3. Everytime you go out, check your canoe… Bailers? Lashings? Bungs in Bulkheads and amas are watertight?

4. Check local weather conditions eg wind speed/direction, air/water temperature, tides, currents and fog. Know your Club’s Rules on what conditions are acceptable to train in.

5.It is recommended that everyone have an approved PFD and It is recommended that it be WORN and equipped with a WHISTLE.

6. Can everyone swim?

7. Hypothermia… be aware of its symptoms! Wear appropriate clothing. Take a dry bag with warm hat/jacket for after paddling.

8. Let someone know, your coach/captain/steers person of any health issues (including medications).

9. Review your club's HULI DRILL.

10. Let someone know where you will be training and when you will be home.

11. Ensure your contact information is marked on your boat, pfd & paddle, so unnecessary searches are not launched for you should your stuff be found.