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About Great Britain Outrigger 

Great Britain Outrigger was established for the purpose of promoting and developing the sport as well as the culture of Outrigger Canoeing. The sport is more than a canoe, it is steeped in tradition and focused on the promotion of the paddling family, the Ohana.

With this in mind the Association's mandate is listed below:

The Powers and Mandate of the Association:

a. To incorporate and to manage the funds and any assets and liabilities of the Association.

b. To make rules and regulations from time to time and as required to control and regulate the administration, conduct, promotion and safety of outrigger canoeing in the United Kingdom.

c. To subscribe to, affiliate, amalgamate, become a member of and/or co-operate with any association, club or organisation, whether incorporated or not, whose objects are similar in whole or in part to those of the Association.

d. To promote and advance the sport of outrigger canoeing, including printing and/or publishing in any newspapers, periodicals, books, newsletters or leaflets, utilising radio, television or electronic mediums or the internet or any other medium that the Association may think desirable for the promotion of its objectives.

e. To maintain the standard of coaching for the sport of outrigger canoeing in the United Kingdom through the development of a coaching certification programme or other programmes as the Association sees fit to administer.

f. From time to time to fix the annual membership subscription and to collect and receive money by way of subscription as well as receive money and funds by way of contribution, donation, legacy or grant or any other lawful method and to accept and receive gifts of property of any description for or towards all or any of the objects of the Association.

g. To act as final arbiter on all matters pertaining to the conduct of outrigger canoeing in the United Kingdom, and including (without limitation) disciplinary matters.

h. To do all such things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objectives of the Association.

i. To amend this constitution as allowed for by the terms of this constitution.

Mahalo, Ka Pai and see you on the water